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Country Sno Riders
Contact: Duane Heiling
The Country SnoRiders Club was founded in the late 80's to help promote safer riding for all ages. The club is Located in central Redwood County. We have 124 miles of groomed trails that run through several communties in the county. The towns include Wabasso, Wanda, Vesta, Milroy, Lucan, Sanborn, Lamberton and Seaforth. The trails follow Hwy 68 to Hwy 71 then West to Wabasso and then to Milroy. Before you get to Wabasso the trail branches off on Cty Rd 17 South to Wanda. (or you can continue west on highway 68) Wanda has one establishment. Riley's Tavern. Open Thursday, Firday, Saturday form 5 to 1am They serve great food. full menu. you can continue South to Sanborn or Lamberton. The trail will T, you can take a left to Sanborn or a right to Lamberton for a scenic view of the Cottonwood River bottom. Once you get to Sanborn you can stop at Hot Rods Corner Bar for a sandwich and beverage. You will meet up with two other club trails in Sanborn. If you need fuel you can go North on Hwy 71 to Sanborn Corners 2 miles. There you can continue north back to hwy 68 to complete a loop of the south trail system. (aprox miles of loop are 35)If you choose to go to Lamberton they have 2 bars and 2 gas/convenience stations.The town of Wabasso has a gas station convenience store,(Cenex) 24hour gas self serve and two taverns the Road House and Cedar Street bar. Both Taverns have and serve great food and beverages.They are located 3 blocks north to down town Wabasso. We have markers up to show you the way. You can continue to the town of Seaforth It has one tavern called the Seaforth Tavern open Monday thru Friday 3:30pm to 1am,Saturday 10am to 1am,Sundays noon to midnight, they serve cold beverages and great pizza. The town of Seaforth is located near the Redwood River you can access a trail the follows the Redwood river to Redwood Falls. Aprox 17 miles. This trail is maintained by the MN Valley Snow Riders.You can also continue north on our trail system and head to the town of Vesta. The town has a new Cafe and Municipal Tavern, located downtown. There is a 24hr self serve gas pump. The trail will take you back to the south 6 miles to the town of Lucan. They have one Tavern called the Knott's Corner. Great restaurant and Micro Brewery. A must try!! No fuel in town. The trail will contine south back to Hwy 68. You will then have the opportunity to take a right and go to Milroy or take a left and go East back to Wabasso. Milroy has a gas station and a bar called the Oasis. Open seven days a week. A great place to stop. This is the west wing of our trail system. You can access the Marshall snow clubs trail in Milroy if you wish. Marshall is about 20 miles West. We welcome you to come and ride our trail system and check out some great out of the way places and Businesses!!!

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